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Benefits Of CRM Consultancy Services-Why Hire A CRM Certified Consultant

Have you deployed a CRM system but not received the expected return on investment? Did you think that CRM implementation and administration were easy but now struggling to deal with them? If your answers are in the affirmative, it is time for you to work with a specialised consultancy.

It may surprise you but a big majority of organisations are unable to utilise their CRM to its full potential because of a lack of resources or understanding that results in low levels of customer satisfaction, productivity, and efficiency.

Let us find out some reasons why it makes sense to work with a specialised consultancy and Microsoft Partner like C.I.G Consultants.

Whether your organisation already has a CRM system or planning to implement one, CRM is a sophisticated software that requires specialist knowledge to truly implement well. From choosing the best CRM platform that best serves the unique needs of your organisation to encouraging employee adoption and participation, many aspects may fall short of expectations if not handled properly. This is where the role of a CRM consultant gains significance and helps you make the most out of your CRM investment.

Selecting the Suitable CRM Platform

You can find a wide range of CRM solutions that have their share of pros and cons and identifying the best CRM that specifically caters to your unique requirements without imposing any process bottlenecks is critical to the success of your organisation. C.I.G Consultants can help you make an informed decision by guiding you to identify your exact business needs (as of today and tomorrow) and match them to a wide range of leading CRM platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Time and Cost Resource

It's no surprise that the internal resources of your organisation are likely to take more time and may lack the required skills to execute a complex CRM package. You may have to pay a few extra to hire an external CRM Consultancy but the advantage of hiring CRM specialists like C.I.G Consultants translates to quicker and better implementation. As a result, your organisation can receive a quick return on its investment with the new CRM system.

Customising and Optimising after Installation

CRM solutions, methodologies, and techniques are ever-evolving and you may have to perform new, extra customisations and adjustments to stay ahead of the times after installing and configuring the right CRM application for your organisation. At this stage, C.I.G. Consultants can help you with customisation and optimisation of the CRM systems.

The best thing is that C.I.G Consultants consistently have their thumb on the pulse with implementations and upgrade themselves with knowledge and the latest know-how and this means that your CRM systems and functionalities would always stay relevant and purposeful. So, whether you want to insert document viewing and signing, synchronise back-office systems, or automate manual and repetitive tasks and processes, C.I.G Consultants can guide you in the right direction.

Exposure to Best Practices

One of the biggest benefits of hiring C.I.G Consultants is their wide range of knowledge and expertise on a wide range of CRM best practices. When you decide to work with C.I.G. Consultants, you hire a team of experienced, resourceful, innovative, and qualified CRM specialists who are technically certified on specific CRM systems and have successfully handled a variety of real-time challenges. Moreover, they have the complete know-how of which technical approaches and strategies work the best, and which ones wouldn't.

Information about unexplored functionalities

Some CRM products have free, unexposed functionalities that are often left unexplored by most CRM users but they can be accessed on request. Experienced Consultancies like C.I.G. Consultants can help you discover and access these functionalities for free and even guide you on which types of features and functionalities require your attention. This helps you get the best value out of your CRM investment.

Pre-Developed Code

In-house CRM developers may take a long time to develop every single line of code from scratch or spend a lot of time researching public code samples or time-saver techniques when it comes to performing on advanced functionalities and integrations. On the other hand, C.I.G. Consultants usually have pre-developed collections of codes that can be immediately deployed to accelerate the speed of CRM development.

If you need assistance with CRM implementation, CRM recovery, CRM installation, or Ad-hoc development, you can simply contact us at C.I.G. Consultants. Find out how our CRM consultancy services can help your team experience a smooth and seamless transition to the new CRM platform. Our team can also help you dramatically reduce operational expenses, improve customer satisfaction, and gain a better understanding of CRM metrics to be better equipped than ever to face the challenges and complexities of implementing CRM.


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