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Best Halloween Promotion Ideas For Restaurants & Bars

The leaves are falling, October has arrived, and the spooky season has officially begun. With Halloween-related spending likely to hit $14 billion, and 225 million Americans saying they'll be participating in the festivities, Halloween offers amazing promotional opportunities for your restaurant and/or bar to attract new customers and get noticed like never before.

Let us explore some wonderful promotional ideas to capitalize on the Halloween-y festivities—with more than just skeletons and cobwebs.

Halloween Menu Ideas & Specials for restaurants and bars

The easiest way to bring out the Halloween spirit into your bar or restaurant is with the drinks and food you serve.

Spooky food and drink specials

October is the month of spices, pumpkins, and everything nice, and Halloween-themed food and drink specials to spookify your bar or restaurant.

  • Pumpkin Dip: How about a fall favorite that you can serve with tortilla chips, naan bread, and vegetables? You can serve them in an empty pumpkin for a perfect Halloween touch!

  • Mummy Brie: Delight your customers with brie cheese mummified in puff pastry.

  • Ghost pizza: Turn a regular Margherita pizza "ghostly" with the perfect cheese shape!

For your bar snacks, you can try out a bowl of gummy worms, Pumpkin dip with vegetables or tortilla chips, or Witches’ fingers. As far as Halloweeny drinks and brew specials are concerned, you can try out creative cocktails with a fake or real creepy crawler. You can also go for Brain Jell-O Shots, Black lemonade, and Manchurian Scorpion Glow Shots.

Spookify your menu

Your restaurant or bar menu is an excellent in-house marketing brochure to focus on the Halloween vibes. You can change up the regular menu (with or without creating new dishes) to adjust the menu to fit the festivities.

For instance, you can refer to Tomato Soup as Vampire Blood Bowl, Chips and salsa as Bones and entrails, Coffee as Coffin brew, Beet salad as Dracula's healthy delight, and hot dogs as Haunt dogs or Halloweieners. If this is not all, you can even redesign your regular restaurant or bar menu with a few bats, cobwebs, or creepy crawlers to bring more Halloween spirit into the dining or drinking experience.

Restaurant and Bar Halloween Parties & Events

How about throwing parties or events at your bar or restaurant to attract the Halloween-loving crowd—both before and on Halloween day? This is a surefire way to boost sales and you can use tactics such as a costume party, limited-time food specials, or screening scary movies to delight the crowd. You can even plan out a Halloween trivia night before Halloween to test the memory and creativity of your diners on their knowledge of folklore, scary movies, and Halloween history.

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