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Business Benefits Of Dynamics CRM And SharePoint Integration

In today's new normal, there has been a massive surge in the levels of innovation and business agility. However, not every software has been designed and configured effectively to be compatible with others. Thankfully, Dynamics 365 and SharePoint, both being products of Microsoft, naturally sync well with each other.

In this piece of information, we will be reading about the business benefits of Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Integration.

Advantages Of Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Integration

  • Improved security: The need for a license is wiped out in the case of non-CRM clients since access to client data is provided by the default authority. They can access singular documents after being authorised by the admin, aided by certain advantages concurred by SharePoint. However, users without valid authorisation cannot access these documents.

  • Connecting Elements: For the purpose of better coordination, the elements of Dynamics CRM can be seamlessly connected. For instance, licensing data and kits can be mapped to a specific process just as client-related records.

  • Client Reach: SharePoint empowers organisations to easily converse with the larger audience by teaming up with a focused and engaged pitch including critical data that prompts the potential client. This can be used to convert cold pitches into deals to improve the possibilities of higher ROI.

  • Managing Documents: The integration of SharePoint and Dynamics 365 CRM facilitates tagging of locations with particular URLs inside the CRM to make things more productive than ever. Users can easily manage documents with state-of-the-art capabilities spreading over check-in/out, advanced storage tools, version control, and survey and approval work processes.

  • Customisations: SharePoint coordination facilitates out-of-the-box customisations over a range of portals to entice clients in countless ways. Customised content can be quickly conveyed to the client within the required period. Furthermore, access can be granted to customers for specific product-related information that, in turn, leads to improved customer coverage and returns on investment.

If you need assistance with Dynamics 365 and SharePoint integration, please feel free to speak with us and our team of certified CRM experts will help you with the transformation.


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