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Microsoft Customer Experience Platform: A Solution For Connected Customer Experiences

When it comes to improving customer relations, most of us generally think about providing premium-quality products and services instead of customer engagement. Customer relations and engagement goes beyond high-quality customer service.

Delighting customers to encourage them to spend more money with your brand could make customers feel transactional. Therefore, it makes sense to emphasise more on improving the customer experience through customer engagement. In other words, every organisation should value their relationship with buyers and not just the money they are ready to spend. This is where the Microsoft Customer Experience Platform, a customer engagement solution comes into the picture.

The Microsoft Customer Experience Platform provides organisations with complete control of customer data so that connected experiences can be consistently delivered. It helps organisations connect with their existing and potential customers on their own terms. Organisations can leverage rich out-of-the-box AI and insights to accelerate their time to market, better predict customer intent, and deliver the right content on the right channel at the right time. Moreover, organisations can leverage AI-orchestrated journeys to engage with their customers in powerful and innovative ways to deliver connected experiences across every customer touchpoint.

Own Your Customer Relationships

As the industry faces the continued fragmentation of digital identities and the imminent deprecation of third-party cookies, it is important to possess a strong customer data platform. Holistic customer profiles are required to be created and nurtured by marketers. Moreover, these profiles should be safeguarded with robust privacy and security controls—all in real time. The Microsoft Customer Experience Platform helps organisations enrich customer data with privacy-friendly insights from multiple sources, power customer data unification and understanding, and ensure compliance, all while respecting and honouring the customer’s consent.

The Microsoft Customer Experience Platform helps organisations identify and understand the intent, behaviour, and journeys of customers on their web and mobile properties to trigger personal experiences and optimise funnels. Leveraging Microsoft products and services, marketers can gain access to out-of-the-box AI and pre-built models to precisely and accurately predict critical customer attributes such as lifetime value, interests, churn, and more so time to market can be accelerated while delivering results.

In addition to these advantages, the Microsoft Customer Experience Platform also solves the biggest challenge ahead of marketers. Today's tech-savvy customers expect and demand real connections with brands that go beyond simple personalisation. For this, marketers need to deliver high-quality, consistent experiences to customers in such a way that those experiences improve the way customers live and work. In order to do so, marketers should think ahead of a linear customer journey and connect positive, delightful experiences across marketing, commerce, sales, and service. Needless to say, it requires precise use of customer data, seamless activation across a growing number of customer touchpoints, and integration into line-of-business applications.

The Microsoft Customer Experience Platform helps organisations leverage AI-orchestrated journeys to acquire and retain high-value prospects based on their interactions across email, mobile, social media, advertising, custom channels, and in-person touchpoints.

Want to leverage the Microsoft Customer Experience Platform to engage customers, predict customer intent, and deliver connected end-to-end experiences across the entire customer lifecycle? Find out how certified Dynamics 365 CRM experts at C.I.G Consultants are assisting clients globally by applying rich AI capabilities to glean the best insights, leverage and protect customer data while inspiring trust and loyalty, and engage in powerful ways across the customer journey. Call us now!


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