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How Azure-Applied AI Services Are Accelerating AI Solution Development To Assist Businesses?

Looking for innovative ways to solve your complex business scenarios? Want to automate document processing and improve customer service? Looking for ways to understand the root cause of anomalies and extract insights from any content? If your answers are in the affirmative, Azure Applied AI Services can help you in more than just a way.

What Are Azure Applied AI Services?

Azure Applied AI Services can be defined as high-level services that emphasize on empowering developers to quickly unlock the potential and value of data by applying artificial intelligence into their key business scenarios. They are optimized for critical tasks ranging from mining knowledge from documents, boosting literacy in the classroom, monitoring and diagnosing metric anomalies, improving the customer experience through transcription analysis, document understanding, and more.

In the past, organisations had to orchestrate a range of artificial intelligence skills, add business logic, and create a user interface to move from the stage of development to deployment for their scenario. This would consume expertise, resources, and time. With Azure Applied AI Services, everything is streamlined and simplified.

One of the best things about Azure Applied AI Services is that they are built on top of artificial intelligence models at the core of Azure AI products and services. This includes Azure Cognitive Services that provide highly-customisable AI models and tools to build artificial intelligence to help customers extract meaning from text, identify and analyze content within videos and images, integrate speech into apps and services, and make decisions. Customers are at complete liberty of customising these services and extending them with their own customer models from Azure Machine Learning to meet the specific requirements of their organisation.

Eric Boyd, corporate vice president of Microsoft Azure AI in Redmond, recently said that the goal with Azure Applied AI Services is to provide a bit more packaging and structure to really accelerate the development of AI solutions for common business processes.

For instance, the Azure Video Analyzer service brings together Computer Vision from Azure Cognitive Services and an automatic captioning model along with out-of-the-box capabilities to integrate existing closed-circuit video feeds and video management systems that make it easier for organisations to build video analytics solutions.

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