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How Consumer Behaviour Is Driving Transformation In Customer Service?

Customers come first! Consistent customer satisfaction is always prime! If it is also your primary organisational goal, please read on.

Modern consumers today have access to what they want almost exactly at the moment they need it. The majority of consumers expect real-time responses round the clock, personalised offering, assistance in alternative evaluation for purchase, and then post-purchase service.

With consumers being constantly connected on mobile apps and being aware of the technology use, the need for digital transformation in business has grown like never before. Today, organisations are creating highly engaged customers with digital transformation in all business areas.

On successful engagement, your customer is highly likely to become a frequent buyer, try your new product or service, spend 60% more annually, prefer your brand over competitors, and refer you to at least four people in his/her circle. Furthermore, making your organisation 26% more profitable than their peers, as per a study at MIT.

Globally most organisations have started the digital transformation process fearing loss in market share and finances. With the COVID-19 scenario, more than 75% organisations have a higher budget for Digital Transformation. By 2022, the net global spending on digital transformation is expected to increase to more than $2 trillion.

If you would like to take forward your Digital Transformation journey, we at C.I.G Consultants are happy to guide you.


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