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How CRM Can Guide Your Holiday Season Sales Strategy?

December is all here! After our world was bogged down by the pandemic in 2020 and the threat still looming around us, it was originally believed by market experts that Christmas sales in 2021 and the holiday season will be at an all-time low. But time flies, doesn't it?

Our world is now more secured and connected than ever and 2021 Christmas and New Year 2022 are set to bring cash registers ringing like never before. However, business owners would have to plan their business strategies and make use of advanced technologies like CRM systems to make a significant impact, win more customers, and close more deals.

Let us find out how you can prepare for the impending mayhem of Oh, Sweet December! Time to talk about the best Christmas strategies for 2021.

Bring out the CRM

Yes, you heard that absolutely right! CRM is the ideal and single source of truth for every business, irrespective of its size of operations or line of business when it comes to handling customer data. In the absence of a CRM system, your customer data may end up siloed on a range of applications to make even a search for information an overwhelming task.

CRM systems allow sales, marketing, and customer service teams to spend more time on their core activities by automating manual processes. By using a powerful CRM like Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, your business can keep your teams in better shape during this holiday season.

Run your business from your smartphone

In today's new normal, the easiest way to stay connected with your customers and prospects is to be able to operate things from anywhere. In our mobile-first world, it makes sense to unlock the full potential of CRM tools to send emails, make calls, collect invaluable insights, access customer information, track key performance indicators, and enable infinite possibilities to sell on the go.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can equip your sales reps to identify leads that are more easy and likely to convert. On the other hand, your marketing team can explore a range of marketing and communication platforms where your customers and prospects are more likely to be. Similarly, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can help your customer service team proactively solve the common concerns of customers to raise the standards of customer satisfaction.

Engage with website visitors

Shoppers are ready to make purchases and speed is the ultimate key. However, your business will need to deliver proactive and instant responses to make things happen. After all, you just cannot miss out on converting your website visitors, prospects, and customers. An integrated CRM system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can help you engage with website visitors and other stakeholders directly from the CRM.

Wait, there’s more to it!

Avoid data entry

Tap, tap, tap. You may be surprised to read this but approximately 72 percent of sales reps are of the view that they spend too much time on activities such as data entry. Assigning leads, enriching lead profiles, creating and managing records, and more can be automated using Dynamics 365 CRM. One of the best things about Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is that it helps you fast-track the complete process of capturing leads from start to finish.

Need help with converting leads through Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM? Call us at C.I.G Consultants now.


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