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How CRM Can Help Your Business This Christmas?

Jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way……

Oh, what fun it is to ride in a sleigh with all that unprecedented Christmas sales and revenue.

If your primary goal is to maximise the sales of your online and offline stores, it's time for you to embrace the best Christmas marketing ideas. After all, it's the most busiest and rewarding time of the year with Halloween, Hanukkah, Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM), Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New year. Therefore, it's time for you to get all set to make an impact by following the best eCommerce Christmas strategy for 2021.

Celebrating eCommerce Christmas 2021

Despite being full of disparity and crises, Christmas sales 2020 was quite good. If we have a close look at statistics, total eCommerce spending rose by 13.1% last year and the number surged to $27 billion on Cyber Monday. Furthermore, average order spending went up by 17%.

The biggest reasons why consumers were still shopping online in 2020 were better value, quality, better price and promotions, and free shipping. From timely delivery to empathy and price sensitivity, countless factors played all-important roles.

There is no denying the fact that consumers might be coming out for retail shopping as more than 4.2 billion people worldwide have been vaccinated. However, online retailers can increase their chances of making more sales than ever by going for the perfect Christmas eCommerce strategy.

Undoubtedly, eCommerce Christmas 2021 is up for grabs and you just cannot miss out on the most rewarding time of the year. Starting early is the ideal way but it's never too late. Therefore, it makes sense for you to pump up your B2B Christmas marketing campaign by opting for Christmas marketing ideas that work.

Your Christmas Marketing Ideas Checklist 2021

Dress Up Your Store With top Christmas Website Design Ideas

A happy dose of holiday cheer and festivities is not just for humans but for your online store too. To get started, you need to retain and attract more customers with a ‘Merry Christmas’ vibe flowing out from your online store. For instance, you can try out a Christmas slider or try out a Christmassy hero image for free by visiting Freepik or Pixabay and then complement it with Canva for editing. You can even try out revamping your social media icons, buttons, sidebars, alter forms, footers, and navigation with Christmas elements. Try out digital falling snowflakes or even a seasonal Christmas logo.

eCommerce Christmas Countdown Timer And Filter

There is nothing more purpose-driven than a Christmas countdown timer widget as it introduces the element of the approaching festival. One of the best things about introducing a Christmas countdown timer widget is that it builds up curiosity and creates scarcity in your audience’s mind.

Display Your Christmas Offers

Make it a point to include offers on your eCommerce store's home page. You should make all offers catchy, engaging, and clear. You can also think of introducing pop-ups, push notifications, and real-time sales notifications to induce sales.

Holiday Keywords + Christmas Keywords = Get On Top SERP Results

People have started hitting search engines like Google with keywords such as ‘Christmas sale online shopping’, 'Christmas shopping near me', 'Christmas shopping offers', and more. If you have been looking for the best Christmas marketing ideas to boost your sales, you just cannot ignore the significance of keywords. For this, you can start using SEO tools such as Ahrefs, Uber Suggest, Semrush, Keywords Everywhere, etc. Make sure to include a good mix of short-tail, long-tail, and trending keywords to make a good impact and win customers.

This is where a powerful CRM like Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can help you. It can help you identify customers that are most likely to convert. It can also help you segment customers, create and send custom marketing campaigns, improve brand awareness, communicate the unique selling proposition (USP) of your brand and products/services, etc.

Discover how you can make the most out of Christmas marketing ideas that work for your Christmas Marketing Ideas Checklist 2021 to launch your B2B Christmas marketing campaign and the perfect Christmas eCommerce strategy. Call C.I.G Consultants now!


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