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How Dynamics 365 Can Drive improvements In Manufacturing Supply Chains?

In today's new normal, manufacturing organisations are finding it overwhelming to tackle the challenges of the present and tomorrow. Thankfully, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is helping them stay ahead of the industry trends with workforce transformation and enterprise resource planning (ERP) modernisation. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is guiding manufacturing organisations to increase supply chain visibility and improve insights to help them build the resiliency and agility they need to succeed.

For some time now, the manufacturing sector has been facing labor shortages primarily because of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions. This has literally "forced" a big majority of manufacturing organisations to double down on efforts to utilize technology with a view to offset the challenges caused by ongoing labor shortages. This is one of the biggest reasons why manufacturing organisations are now counting on industrial robotics, IoT sensors, AI, and intelligent automation to create smarter and more connected factories. This is where Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management comes into the picture.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management helps manufacturing organisations take the advantage of real-time, end-to-end supply chain visibility that spans everything from its suppliers and customers to its expenses, inventory, and demand. Management is also proactively assisted by direct data visibility, especially when it comes to identifying raw material shortages and improving their planning and execution processes. Moreover, the modernisation of ERP helps manufacturing organisations leverage a flexible and composable platform they need to support a variety of other digital transformation efforts in the future.

According to a recent survey by McKinsey & Company, the successful implementation of AI-enabled supply-chain management has enabled early adopters to improve inventory levels by 35 percent, service levels by 65 percent, and logistics costs by 15 percent, compared with slower-moving competitors. This has resulted in an increased investment in advanced supply chain solutions to improve supply chain visibility, connect disparate systems, unify data, and utilise the potential of artificial intelligence to push actionable insights to decision-makers.

If this is not all, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights can be explored to make better, faster, and smarter supply chain decisions with proactive risk mitigation via prescriptive insights powered by artificial intelligence.

Lastly, Dynamics 365 has been an industry pioneer to drive significant enhancements in manufacturing supply chains by enabling companies to empower users to plan better, companies to revamp their existing ERP platform, increase supply chain visibility and insights, maximise asset uptime, and improve organsiational agility.

If you want to leverage modern, cloud-based supply chain management solutions like never before, please feel free to call or visit us at C.I.G Consultants.


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