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How Microsoft Is Fuelling Digital Transformation Of Supply Chains For A Sustainable Future?

Microsoft recently started leveraging data insights from FedEx with order insights from Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management after Microsoft and FedEx entered into a partnership in January 2022. The primary goal of this partnership is to ensure that brands can efficiently optimise their transportation solutions while overcoming disruptions and delays enroute to deliver orders on time to customers.

This partnership is expected to bring a powerful and seamless returns management experience to Dynamics 365, including hassle-free and quick returns options at more than 60,000 FedEx drop-off locations, printer-less QR return labels, convenient at-home pickups, and no-box returns. It will empower brands with end-to-end visibility of customer returns and update consumers in real-time on the status of their return and refund generation.

Microsoft also announced embedding Microsoft Teams collaboration within Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management in preview on May 15, 2022. This will help hybrid supply chain teams connect seamlessly on chat, post updates on issues, and share screens for discussion in Teams. Users can also collaborate by sharing return orders, sales orders, and fulfillment order tracking data, without exiting their flow of work within Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management. These capabilities can help build hyperconnected businesses that can empower people to collaborate as one business at all times, so people can thrive wherever they work.

Over the last year, Microsoft has also brought new capabilities within its Dynamics 365 Supply Chain portfolio to the market to help organisations improve visibility into every aspect of their value chain.

Find out how your organisation can leverage a digital supply chain connecting global teams, suppliers, and logistic partners for end-to-end visibility and frictionless collaboration. Our team of certified Dynamics 365 experts would be happy to help you detect opportunities as well as predict and overcome disruptions while delivering a sustainable competitive advantage.


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