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How To Drive Strategic Innovation With Dynamics 365?

Over the past few years, the role of finance teams has exponentially evolved to include driving innovation. Today, finance teams are playing a big role in transformation.

In Microsoft’s new Economic Guardians of the Future report, it was revealed how financial leaders and teams are working today and the kind of challenges and opportunities they go through.

These days, CFOs and their teams are facing the uphill task of striking the balance between strategic innovation and safeguarding the long-term financial health of their organizations – all during an uncertain economic climate. This is where artificial intelligence and automation come into the picture. They help finance teams free up valuable time & resources while driving business strategy and modernization. Furthermore, low-code automation tools help in removing IT barriers so finance professionals can explore smarter and better ways to work smarter.

Recently, Microsoft announced the first of many new capabilities in Dynamics 365 Finance: Business performance analytics that equips finance professionals with faster reporting and analytics. Moreover, it streamlines financial reporting by centralizing data from multiple business workstreams into an easy-to-use interface. Powered by Dataverse, Business performance analytics help users create and share personalized reports, and get secure, near-real-time access to critical financial information so they can make informed decisions and provide timely financial insights to business leaders.

Find out how your organization can leverage Microsoft's cloud-based products including Azure, Excel, Power Platform, Dynamics 365, and Teams to alleviate pain points, reevaluate your processes, and foster a culture of learning and innovation. Call or email us now!


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