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How To Engage And Delight Customers With Microsoft Dynamics 365?

If there was a single recipe for success, a great customer experience would have been the most important ingredient in it. In today's new normal world, every organisation needs to engage and delight its customers by consistently delivering exceptional customer experiences with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Methods To Improve Customer Experiences

Here are some best practices to keep in mind in your organisation's quest to consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences:

  • Listen Up: Organisations that lead the way when it comes to customer experience may be slightly different in their approaches, but they all share a common vision: listening to their customers and acting proactively. Allow your existing and potential customers the opportunity to be heard, and ensure everyone in the organisation is listening and acting proactively.

  • Go above and beyond: Positive and impactful customer experiences are all about reducing customer frustrations and simplifying things so customers find it easy to do business with you. For this, you can add delightful and surprising elements such as a handwritten note as a gesture of appreciation for a repeat purchase.

  • Make it personal and engaging: Like every individual, every customer appreciates being treated and appreciated well. Organisations should make it a point to deliver and garner customer loyalty by collecting, storing, analysing, and acting on information about their customers such as their hobbies, birthdays, anniversaries, past purchases, unique details, etc. to personalise the entire buying experience.

  • Nurture emotional connections: Purchasing decisions are driven by emotions, whether the purchase is for steaks or software. Organisations should take time to find out what those emotions are for their customers and how they can make a genuine appeal to them to enhance customer experiences. Furthermore, organisations need to blend their own emotions and passion while communicating with the customers.

  • Make it a priority: To be successful and purposeful, the customer experience should be emphasised and valued from the top down in the organisation. Also, it's important to remember that it isn’t a “fix it and forget it” initiative.

A delightful customer experience comes with a series of benefits for the organisations that deliver it. Here are some of the biggest benefits of delivering exceptional customer experiences for businesses of all kinds:

  • Attracts New Customers: Word of mouth is the most prized marketing tool in the arsenal of every success-driven organisation. When an organisation delights its customers by consistently delivering exceptional customer experiences, they respond by sharing their positive experiences with the world, both in personal conversations with friends, family, relatives, and others and also online. This helps in driving more awareness of the brand and bringing more customers.

  • Increases Revenue: A seamless customer experience can help in increasing revenue by engaging new customers, reducing customer churn, and increasing the count of brand advocates

  • Creates a competitive advantage: While price still plays an important role in customers' purchasing decisions, it is no longer the differentiator that it once was. Modern-day customers prefer doing business with organisations that provide premium products, top-notch services, and exceptional customer experiences consistently.

Food For Thought

Customers are people too and they too have their share of likes, dislikes, expectations, and wants. Furthermore, customer experience is not a single piece of the interaction of a customer with an organisation or brand over time. In fact, it is the collective and continuing experience of a customer with an organisation or brand over time. Therefore, organisations and business owners need to ensure every single customer experience is well-thought-out, customised, engaging, and memorable to build connections with customers that last for years to come.

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