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How To Follow Your Customer Journeys With An Omnichannel Strategy?

A business that offers multiple channels for customers to interact with it is more likely to survive and prosper in the new normal of today. In fact, customers who interact with a business on more than one touchpoint - e.g. social media, company website, and physical store - are more likely to convert and stay.

Now let's talk about an interesting fact. Do you know that businesses possessing a powerful omnichannel strategy are able to retain their customers at an 89 percent clip? On the other hand, the retention rate of businesses that don't have a strong omnichannel strategy is a meager 33 percent. A huge whopping difference, right?

Why Do You Need A Well-Executed Omnichannel Strategy?

Let us first consider who are all responsible for customer service delivery in your business:

  • Is it the IT team that is responsible to make sure that front-line employees have the hardware and software to perform their responsibilities efficiently?

  • Is it the front-line employees who respond to emails and chats or answer the phones?

  • Is it the leadership team that is entrusted with the task of hiring, training, and managing the front-line staff?

Hopefully, you said all of the above. But if you have not, it is time for you to rethink as customer service is a team sport and customer service is everyone’s job.

Your existing and potential customers may be reaching out to you via social media channels, SMS, chatbots, email, or phone. In fact, according to a recent Microsoft Global State of Customer Service, a majority of customers continue to make use of three to five channels to get their complaints and issues resolved. Telephony remains the first and most preferred choice followed by email, self-service, and chat.

If you have been looking to enhance the productivity of your customer service team and notice a positive surge in the levels of customer retention and customer satisfaction, it's time for you to embrace Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service with Omnichannel for Customer Service app.

This will help you:

  1. Enable proactive communication with customers.

  2. Automate and streamline self-help and self-service options.

  3. Unify customer data across multiple touchpoints for a holistic approach.

  4. Improve efficiency, productivity, and speed to resolution.

  5. Quickly identify, measure, enhance, and report on customer service KPIs.

Together, Dynamics 365 Customer Service and the Omnichannel for Customer Service app can help you drive revenue, reduce costs, increase both customer loyalty and retention, and enhance productivity. Believe it or not, it really is that simple.

Call us now to find out how certified teams of Dynamics 365 CRM experts at C.I.G Consultants are helping organisations deliver exceptional customer service through true omnichannel customer experiences.

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