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How To Improve Collaboration With Context IQ In Dynamics 365?

Microsoft announced Context IQ last November which intelligently connects individuals and organisations with the information they need, when and where required.

Let us find out how products leveraging Context IQ In Dynamics 365 are creating innovative ways to collaborate, redefining work, and democratising access to and the use of critical information to the advantage of organisations and customers.

The April 2022 release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 primarily emphasises on: sales and customer service. For salespeople, locating information is a critical issue and customer service agents have to work with cloud and local systems in collaborative environments. If this is not all, employees have to keep updating the same information across a variety of platforms to complete tasks.

The latest Context IQ capabilities leveraged in Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Dynamics 365 Sales allow users to leverage collaboration features with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams, including but not limited to unified Teams meetings experiences with Dynamics 365 data, embedded Teams chat within Dynamics 365, customer support swarming, and updating Dynamics 365 records within Teams. These new capabilities empower employees with the insights and information they require to thrive, collaborate in the flow of work, be more productive, and focus on their core responsibilities.

Let's dive into these latest Context IQ capabilities leveraged in Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Dynamics 365 Sales.

  • Customer support swarming: Organisations can transform their operations by bringing together the right set of talent to proactively resolve complex cases via customer support swarming. Skills are suggested by customer support swarming using smart tiles to send an invitation to the best, relevant experts when it comes to resolving the issues of an agent. Powered by Teams, subject matter experts and customer service agents can swarm cases in the applications they are proficient in using Customer Service workspace and Teams.

  • Teams chat embedded within Dynamics 365: It now becomes possible to collaborate with stakeholders directly from within Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Service. This helps in using Dynamics 365 data as an organising layer for your Teams collaboration activity and link chats to Dynamics 365 records, like service cases and sales opportunities, for convenient access for all participants.

  • Unified Teams meetings experience: Starting in April 2022, users can now create and join Teams meetings from Dynamics 365 and be able to view and edit records within the context of the Teams meetings interface. Moreover, the integration of Conversational Intelligence capabilities into the Teams' meeting experience will now help sellers with suggestions guided by artificial intelligence to enhance customer engagement.

Find out how your organisation can leverage Context IQ In Dynamics 365 to collaborate and enhance user productivity.


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