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How To Improve Sales By Automating Your CRM Workflows?

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to improve sales of your organization by automating your CRM workflows? In this blog, we will be reading about some tried-and-tested automation ideas that can help your organization produce better results while cutting down on the workload.

Idea#1: Make sure that new web leads are contacted in minutes.

Undoubtedly, web leads are precious and, therefore, it is important that they should be contacted within minutes. You can achieve this task by focusing on automation. For instance, a filled web form should be immediately registered in the CRM.

The CRM should then tap into the telephony software to prompt a sales rep on their mobile phones and system. If the sales rep is busy or unavailable for any reason, the call should be automatically forwarded to the next sales rep until a call is made to the given number by a sales agent. All the relevant customer details should be made available to the sales rep. In under 5 minutes? No sweat.

Idea#2: Make sure that abandoned and missed calls don’t become missed leads.

As a success-driven and customer-centric organization, you need to be available 24/7/365. It is easy to miss important calls during holidays, after working hours, or when lines are busy.

However, missing a call should never translate to missing a lead. You can avert such situations by making sure that your telephony system can compare any number that goes unanswered with CRM data. You can set up a system to make sure that a new ticket gets automatically generated if the call is from a new lead. Moreover, you can make sure that missed call alerts are sent to your inbox. In case there is a voice message, it should get attached and sent to your inbox.

Idea#3: Automate follow-up calls on email campaigns.

Whether your email campaign is about a demo, a meet up, or a new product launch, it's not easy to make customers open your emails. You can improve the results of your email campaigns by allowing your sales team to view email campaign reports in their CRM. They should be able to select all contacts who have opened the emails with a single click. Furthermore, they should be able to push all the contacts into their dialer with another click.

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