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How To Reduce Complexity Across Global Operations With Dynamics 365?

Globalisation has been driving businesses, at least for the past two decades, if not more. Today no distance is unscalable with remote communication tools at our disposal. The Internet has changed the way we perceive inter-country and even inter-continental distances. Global expansion that used to be a strategic move only for big enterprises, has now become indispensable for companies of all sizes. But does that mean it has no complexities?

The Challenges

International business expansion may promise broad reach and more revenue streams, but it comes with its own challenges. From differences in language to consumer behaviour, there are more than enough factors to overwhelm organisations at every stage. But like every other challenge, the problems posed by global expansion can be solved with the right approach and the right technology.

Microsoft Dynamic 365 brings a global ERP system that can help automate, streamline and optimise the international expansion strategy of any business. Imagine connected applications and a unified real-time view of all aspects of the business, no matter how diverse and scattered the presence is!

The Solutions

  1. State-of-the-art localisation support

Microsoft Dynamic 365 comes with a gamut of operation apps that solve the problems of localisation for businesses looking to go beyond borders. These apps offer regulatory support for 43 countries and are translated into 48 languages, extending targeted service based on demand and market opportunities.

  1. Electronic invoicing to transcend distances

Governments worldwide have mandated electronic invoices to curb the chances of deceit and forgery. This has worked wonders for businesses as well because electronic invoicing not only lowers the cost and manual labour requirement, it accelerates the transaction manifold. For multinationals expanding into a new market, electronic invoicing is a great way to help systems and processes adapt to frequently changing regulations.

Microsoft Dynamic 365 has rolled out electronic invoicing support with cost-effectiveness, speed, and compliance.

  1. Compliant tax calculation

Microsoft Dynamic 365 brings a one-of-a-kind tax determination and calculation system that empowers businesses to make the most of its automated, standardised, configurable, simplified, and compliant nature.

  1. Match steps with the ever-evolving global regulations

Global expansion of a business faces a lot more challenges that e-invoicing and tax calculation mandates. Every organisation has its own business guidelines. What makes it even more difficult is the fact that these legal requirements keep on changing frequently. Microsoft’s Dynamic 365 offers Business Document Management and Electronic Reporting features that are built for companies facing these dynamic guidelines of the countries they are expanding to.

  1. No/Minimum code configuration

What’s interesting is the fact that these revolutionary services(Electronic Reporting and Business Document Management) are highly customisable. The configurations require no coding enabling the end-users to make changes as per their specific cases.

Customising electronic invoices and tax calculation services are also manageable at the user’s end. By eliminating the need for coding, Microsoft has enabled companies to manage multi-component globalisation features.

Every organisation needs to have a panoramic view of all the processes and each area of the business. But it’s understandably complex when different stakeholders and vertical heads operate in different languages, currencies, sensibilities, priorities and most importantly, rules, and regulations. Needless to say, Microsoft Dynamic 365 brings more flexibility, effectiveness and control into the process of global expansion. At C.I.G. Consultants, our certified Dynamics 365 CRM experts have enabled our partners and clients to manage their international outreach endeavours better with these applications.

Are you planning to expand your business internationally? Get in touch with C.I.G. Consultants, the best Dynamics 365 CRM consultancy and best Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner, today.


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