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How To Rethink The Supply Chain To Win Back Customer Confidence With AI and CRM?

In today's new normal, digital transformation through artificial intelligence (AI) and CRM is encouraging organisations of all sizes to change their business and supply chain models for the good and adapt to the new market reality. The best thing is that this change is not driven by organisations, but the customer.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world severely and it is time for a rethink for organisations. This is primarily the reason why organisations are deploying a series of AI tools to ensure they have the right stock in the right quantity for their customers when they want it. The important thing for organisations here is to make sure they don't stockpile too much as storing products can result in issues such as insurance, theft, cost, and perishability.

Let us read about some innovative ways that can redefine supply chains with AI.

  • For businesses that transport large volumes of products or supplies, it is important that the topmost priority is efficient processes. When you're dealing with millions of potential routes and hundreds and thousands of vehicles, creating the most efficient processes proactively can be a bit overwhelming for the human mind. This is where AI steps in as it can quickly optimise transport networks.

  • Generally, purchasing includes different areas: managing suppliers, purchasing processes, purchasing processes, decisions on whether to produce versus buy-in (make-or-buy decisions), and hiring decisions. Artificial Intelligence can provide great help on these and many other issues.

  • Running smooth and efficient warehousing operations can be difficult at times as the primary objective is to collect and dispatch orders at minimum cost and time.

  • Supply chains have a large number of stakeholder touchpoints - from suppliers to customers and transport - so keeping every relationship positive is critical for the effective supply chain management. AI enables improved automation to transform CRMs into virtual assistants and improve sales activities. Employees in the supply chain can leverage AI use in CRM to access real-time information to make quick, smarter, and better decisions.

If you need help with how your organisation can make the best use of AI use in CRM, please feel free to contact C.I.G Consultants. Our team will be happy to help you understand how to optimise your supply chain processes using Dynamics 365 CRM.


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