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How To Supercharge Your CRM With Microsoft Viva Sales?

Are you looking for a CRM "companion" app that can seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Office apps to eliminate CRM data siloes for salespeople? If your answer is in the affirmative, it is time for you to supercharge your CRM with Microsoft Viva Sales.

What Is Microsoft Viva Sales?

Sales reps spend the majority of their time on administrative tasks such as entering data in their CRM systems to keep it relevant and up to date. For sellers, relationships are vital and time is money. The time that is usually spent on entering data into the CRM could be diverted to essential and productive tasks such as meeting with new customers and selling.

Presently available only for public preview customers, Microsoft Viva Sales is designed to assist sellers to work the way they want without unnecessary manual data entry and context switching. Microsoft Viva Sales brings together the apps and systems you work with on a daily basis such as the CRM, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft 365 so that you can leverage an AI-powered and streamlined selling experience.

This modern and out-of-the-box way of selling makes the lives of sellers easier while enriching their CRM at the same time. For instance, let us assume that you've all your deal insights and customer information in Teams and Outlook chats. You need to manually capture everything in the CRM system which is not an easy task by any standard whatsoever.

Microsoft Viva Sales allows you to easily mark contacts as customers with a click in Outlook. This helps in populating data from the CRM that helps you access customer information at your fingertips. You can record and transcribe meetings with customers on a Teams call to access a rich summary via conversational intelligence. This meeting summary helps you identify and understand the overall call sentiment while also tracking conversational KPIs to become an even better seller.

Find out how your organization can leverage Microsoft Viva Sales to supercharge your CRM. Call or email us now.

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