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How To Take Your Excel Game To The Next Level With Microsoft Teams?

Thanks to a new update, crafting the ultimate Microsoft Excel spreadsheet could soon be more of a team effort than ever before.

The innovative spreadsheet software will help users the chance to collaborate more smoothly whilst on a Microsoft Teams call with its new Excel Live feature. This will allow users on a video conferencing call to work together on an Excel worksheet during a meeting, including direct edits and additions, all updated and visible in real-time. In addition to this advantage, it will also help users collaborate easier than ever before, allowing for frictionless co-working whilst on a Microsoft Teams call.

In its entry on the official Microsoft 365 roadmap, Excel Live is still described as being "in development" - however, it has a scheduled general availability date of March 2023. Upon release, Excel Live will be available for users on PC and Mac, as well as mobile users with Android or iOS devices.

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