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How To Unlock The Power Of Your EHR Data To Personalize Patient Care?

Every healthcare organization strives to create and maintain exceptional patient experiences for retaining existing and attract new patients. After all, both these objectives significantly contribute to the larger mission of keeping people healthy.

In order to rise above the occasion, it is imperative for healthcare organizations to find innovative ways to communicate with patients and effectively address individual health needs. For this, healthcare providers work tirelessly to focus on demonstrating real value and personalizing their messaging. However, achieving these goals is no easy task. This is primarily because it's not easy to break through the noise in today's times when consumers are constantly bombarded by devices and information.

Therefore, it becomes imperative for marketing teams to extend their outreach and connect with patients and their families in more relevant and personal ways. Thankfully, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator can help healthcare organizations unlock and harness the data in the electronic health system of record (EHR) so that systems of record can be augmented with systems of engagement. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator can be leveraged to harness the EHR data across the entire Microsoft Cloud to improve patient care experiences.

The best thing is that the Microsoft Cloud provides outstanding compliance, transparency, privacy & control, and security solutions. Furthermore, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator is fully compliant with industry standards, including GDPR, HIPAA, and HITRUST.

Find out how your healthcare organization can leverage the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator and the Microsoft Cloud to enable better collaboration amongst caregivers, proactively react to unique health trends, address population needs, and leverage social channels so patients can understand the perceptions of your brand.


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