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Microsoft Announces Teams Chat Integration For Dynamics 365

Microsoft has announced that the Microsoft Teams chat feature has been embedded into Dynamics 365 to boost business collaboration.

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft's line of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) business apps that are designed to assist organizations to run their businesses efficiently. It also helps sales reps create and nurture strong relationships with customers by leveraging insights driven by artificial intelligence to close deals in a timely manner.

By embedding Microsoft Teams chat into Dynamics 365, Microsoft has facilitated seamless collaboration and accelerating productivity across all scenarios. Dynamics users can now apply all the rich functionalities Teams is known for in chat -- from rich text editing, tagging people, threading conversations, sharing files, and applying emojis and gifs while sending, editing, or deleting messages are retained.

Users can now use all of the usual Microsoft Teams features in the chat functionality for no extra cost. In a blog post, Microsoft said IT admins can configure the ability for users to initiate or join chats at a record-type level to enable experiences tailored to specific business processes.

This includes easily locating account information, connecting to the team member within their Dynamics 365 collaboration window, transferring a lead, or providing full account context to a new user.


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