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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM For Dynamics Portals-Overview & Capabilities

Do your customers have to fill in never-ending forms, wait endlessly on a call, or stand in long queues before your customer service team assists them? Thanks to cloud technology advancements and digital transformation, it is now possible for your organisation to digitalise the otherwise complicated process of customer support. The best thing is that portals make it even more efficient and better. Dynamics Portals can help customers engage with your organisation on multiple platforms.

If your business already has a website, it is undoubtedly a great way to gain authority and trust. However, Dynamics 365 web portals would always be a great addition to extend the web presence of your business beyond just the home page. The best part is that your business can explore new opportunities that were previously missing, hidden, or unexplored.

All in all, Dynamics 365 Portals go beyond to extend the existing web presence of your website. In no way, it supplants your website. In fact, Dynamics 365 generates web addresses (URLs) that can be added to your website as hyperlinks to facilitate a seamless and smooth transition between the website and the portal. This means that your website visitors would not even feel like they have arrived on a different website.

Dynamics 365 web portals, which are now known as Power Apps Portals, can be defined as websites that extend the functionalities of your business's existing Dynamics 365 solutions. These portals leverage certain CRM data (e.g., shipment status, deal details, etc.) to portal users like partners, employees, customers, or communities.

Benefits Of Dynamics 365 Portals

  • Allows customers, partners, and others to access CRM on-premise Data on a web portal

  • Delivers exceptional and consistent web portal experience to customers

  • Easy drag-and-drop tools to create portal pages quickly

  • Delivers a comprehensive enterprise website content management system

  • Facilitates real-time CRM integration so data always stay relevant and updated

  • Improves customer satisfaction and communication

  • Allows users to access information as and when required

  • Demonstrates information from different sources in a single place

Customer Self-Service

Seamless integration of Dynamics 365 Portals with Dynamics 365 Customer Service helps you dramatically minimise the help requests from customers for service agents. On Dynamics 365 Portals, your organisation can provide a knowledge base to resolve the frequently asked questions. Moreover, the Dynamics 365 Portals can also make suggestions to users regarding knowledge base materials based on their search queries.

Simply put, your organisation can answer the questions of its customers with suggested knowledge base articles even before those questions are asked.

Personalised customer collaboration, live chats, and product/service analytics features may also be added to make the interactions of customers a lot more convenient, customer-centric, and engaging anytime.

Community Forums

Dynamics 365 Portals allow you to easily create and monitor community forms for improving both customer-to-service and customer-to-customer interactions. These interactions may include customer suggestions and discussions on the quality and delivery of products and services.

Partner Engagement

Dynamics 365 Portals may prove extremely beneficial if you have collaborated with partners to distribute and sell the products and services offered by your business. The portals would allow sharing of critical data regarding deals to all authorised parties. For instance, the sales data of distributors can be captured in the same way as your own sales team. This would help in streamlining the otherwise complicated sales processes while maximising the efficiency of sales teams.

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