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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM For Marketing-Overview & Capabilities

Marketing Automation is one of the most critical aspects a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can offer for a growth-oriented organisation. This is primarily because Marketing Automation can potentially improve the potential of the organisation to engage with its customers and prospects in ways that are proven to work.

The different aspects of marketing automation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM help your organisation target markets with the right content, using the right methods, at the right time, and for the right people.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing encompasses features that let both data-driven and creative aspects of a successful marketing campaign.

Customer Journey Creation

It is critical to map out the entire customer journey before campaigns can be created and leads can be generated. By creating and facilitating customer journeys, organisations can get a clear idea of how customers go from discovering an organisation among hundreds and thousands of organisations offering similar products and services, learning more about its products and services, evaluating their available options, and finally getting converted into a customer.

As any good marketer will tell you, mapping out this transformational journey from being a prospect to a customer is what helps organizations travel along the path to purchasing. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM allows organisations to provide personalised interactions and communications to their existing and potential customers, easily visualise their marketing campaigns, and streamline their extensive marketing operations with an approach that is characterised by event-driven automation.

Event Management

A feature that sets apart Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is its suite of native event management tools. In today's cutthroat business world, modern marketing is all about providing measurable and significant value to customers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a range of built-in marketing tools if organisations want to provide value to customers through seminars or conferences.

There are countless functionalities for planning event logistics like registrations, speaker and venue management, tracking attendance, scheduling, and much more.

Organisations can even take the advantage of an easy-to-use portal management system through which organisations can create branded event portals for attendees to manage registrations, attendance, and profile.

Lead Management

The primary objective of every marketing campaign is to generate leads and enquiries, and Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a comprehensive set of intuitive lead management tools that can help nurture, track, and score leads more efficiently.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing leverages an automated, intelligent lead scoring system to qualify leads at each stage of the customer journey based on predefined rules like website visits, event registrations, and email engagement. This helps salespeople identify and explore the most lucrative segments.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing also allows users to gain a 360-degree view of every customer and lead. Marketing and sales teams can leverage a single source of information and connected processes to access the latest data, including past purchases, recent activities, key contacts, open opportunities, and more.

LinkedIn Prospects

Dynamics 365 allows marketers to quickly target and connect with the right LinkedIn audiences. Using the lead tools of LinkedIn, generated leads can be directly imported into Dynamics 365.

Personalised Experiences

The drag-and-drop journey designer of Dynamics 365 Marketing allows users to effortlessly create multi-channel, automated campaigns to send personalised email messages, launch workflows, generate follow-up activities, and much more.

The interesting thing is that each travel group's contact travels down a tailormade path that resonates with the best prospects and delivers engaging communications and interactions. Furthermore, marketers can easily analyse results and track marketing campaigns to build and nurture profitable relationships in the long term.

The Holy Grail Of Marketing

Once all of your marketing activities are natively managed in Dynamics CRM, you will then be able to connect and report on marketing activities through a Marketing Funnel directly to a sales opportunity funnel, i.e., tracking the entire lifecycle of a lead generated from marketing activity all the way to closing a sales opportunity. This is where you can begin to measure the value of your marketing function being interconnected to sales revenue generation.

There is so much more to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Marketing than it. Organisations can utilise other capabilities such as LinkedIn Connector, Notifications, Speaker Management, Events Portal, Attendance Tracking, Multiple lead scoring, Campaign designer, and much more.

Want to reap these and countless other advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing? Contact Dynamics 365 CRM Consultants at C.I.G. Consultants now to redefine your marketing approach to win more customers.


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