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Microsoft Dynamics CRM For Enterprises And Small Businesses -The Pros And Cons

Today's tech-savvy customers have higher expectations than ever before. This means enterprises and small businesses need to stay on their toes all the time while delivering quality customer experiences consistently. It is possible with a powerful CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM that connects all relevant data and touchpoints intelligently and seamlessly for customer service reps, marketers, field service technicians, and sellers.

How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Helps Your Staff?

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions can be accessed by your staff to access the latest client and customer information on a real-time basis. This means they are more empowered and faster than ever when it comes to accessing customer data and creating personalised experiences for them by:

  • Identifying and prioritising the right set of opportunities.

  • Gaining insights into customers and their preferences, buying patterns, and expectations.

  • Creating customised sales offers, marketing campaigns, and customer service options.

  • Centralising customer information to reduce follow-up and search time to redefine customer journeys.

How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Helps Your Customers?

  • A powerful CRM system like Microsoft Dynamics CRM also benefits your customers and clients and surprisingly in more ways than you can imagine. It provides them the right tools using which they can interact with you on multiple channels and know more about your brand, products, and services. Other benefits include:

  • Providing customers easy and uninterrupted access to more data (unique, relevant, and value-driven) so they feel empowered, educated, and informed in purchasing decisions.

  • Giving customers the ability to uninterruptedly communicate with your brand on multiple channels and devices.

  • Providing service scheduling tools to customers that accommodate their expectations, availability, and preferences.

Let us now access some of the pros and cons of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to gain a clear and complete understanding of the CRM solution.

Pros Of Microsoft Dynamics CRM For Enterprises And Small Businesses

  • Highly simple and intuitive release management

  • Easy to customise

  • Plain and clear user interface

  • Consistent experience across multiple touchpoints and platforms

  • Makes it easy to share critical insights across different applications.

  • Produces seamless and delighting customer experience through marketing automation and shared application data

  • Amazing user experiences

  • Customer-centric and user-friendly CRM

  • Quickly generate multiple customisable reports

  • Enables fairly quick quoting

  • Powerful customisations to improve user experience

  • Great automation features

  • Massive forum support and user group networks

  • Provides options for both cloud and on-premise solutions

Cons Of Microsoft Dynamics CRM For Enterprises And Small Businesses

  • Processing is slow at times if not partnered with the right organisation that implements via the Power Platform philosophy of a “Low Code, No Code” approach.

  • It may be a bit complex for new users.

  • Entering mass information is not very easy

  • Learning curve may be longer than expected

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