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The Ultimate Guide To The Benefits Of Patient Portals

Patient portals have gained immense popularity in the last few years, especially with the implementation of technology for patient healthcare records. No wonder, healthcare organisations today are looking for the best patient portal development companies and top CRM implementation partners to develop out-of-the-box patient portals.

The Importance Of Patient Portal

Patient portals are being used by healthcare organisations to achieve several purposes, such as securely messaging their patients, coordinating across a comprehensive suite of tertiary patient engagement tools, and booking appointments on the books. In recent years, patient portals are also being used to host a variety of telehealth and other remote care access options.

Patient Portals act as a round-the-clock platform on which healthcare organisations and patients & their families can conveniently interact and exchange health information, review medical notes, and ask questions. Moreover, patient portals can be used to provide telehealth and other remote care access options to patients with the aim of increasing medication adherence. They can also be helpful in the digitisation of manual tasks such as scheduling and billing to free up the employees of healthcare organisations. This helps them dedicate their time to activities that are more directly related to patient care.

Patient portals are commonly used to:

  • View bills/make payments

  • Update medical history

  • Check prescription requests/refills

  • Schedule appointments onloine

  • Send messages to healthcare teams

  • Fill out pre-visit forms (e.g., intake form)

  • Access health information (e.g., lab results or clinical notes)

  • Reduce errors and inconsistencies in information

  • Maintain healthcare records digitally

  • Increase the efficiency of healthcare organisations

  • Reduce the number of unnecessary patient visits to healthcare centres

  • Avoid misinterpretations of patient needs and medical issues

  • Round-the-clock support

  • Smoothen the process of patient onboarding

In addition to patient management, the concept of patient portal development can also extend to comprehensive healthcare portals. These portals can be used to take care of supplier, employee, and partner management initiatives to help treat patients, manage staff, partner with laboratories, and get medical supplies, all from a single and unified interface.

There is no denying the fact that patient portals have seen massive growth in the last few years and the future is even brighter.

If your healthcare organisation wants to streamline its healthcare services by leveraging patient portals and CRM implementation services, please feel free to contact us at C.I.G Consultants now. Our team of experts can help you with custom patient portal solutions to digitise your healthcare services.


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