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Tips To Improve Mobile User Experience With Microsoft Dynamics 365

Looking for new and innovative ways to improve the mobile user experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Let us read about some of the most useful Dynamics 365 features for mobile users.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mobile Features

Toggle Control

One of the most efficient functionalities that are made available to mobile users, Toggle Control helps users switch seamlessly between two values with a simple press. Toggle Control is an excellent option, especially when marking tasks or projects as complete. Offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, Toggle Control can be used with any two values, like Yes/No, Active/Inactive, and Complete/Incomplete.

Pen Control

A feature unique to users who are required to capture signatures and save time, Pen Control allows mobile users to capture a signature on their device in an easy way without using any external website to capture and upload it. Using Microsoft Dynamics Pen Control, users can streamline their processes with efficient signature capture and application method.

Number Input

The Number Input feature makes it easier for users to make small and quick adjustments to numbers. This is done by helping users avoid clicking into the field and having to retype”. If this is not all, users get the option of adjusting the numerical value in a field using “plus” and “minus” buttons.

Auto-Complete Control

Users can leverage the Auto-Complete Control feature to choose a value from a dropdown menu with relevant, smart suggestions based on the characters already input. This feature helps users easily fill in any text or record.

Star Rating

This innovative feature helps users share with others how efficiently a task or project is doing. Going from one to five stars, the Star Rating feature allows users to rate how well a relationship with a client is doing, the likelihood of a lead converting, and more.

Barcode Scanner

The Barcode Scanner feature is especially useful to users who need to work with barcodes and identification numbers. users can detect a barcode and transform it into a single line text field using the Dynamics 365 native scanner. Available to both Android and iOS devices, the barcode scanner feature helps users easily identify products, speeds up processes, and eliminate the margin for human error.

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