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Top Egg-ceptional Ideas To Promote Your Business This Easter

Easter is all around us. With colourful eggs, cute bunnies, and festivities all around, Easter also presents great opportunities for marketers. The best thing is that you can generate a good amount of goodwill while increasing your sales if you play your cards right.

#1. Plan an Easter egg hunt

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, it will be a good idea to invite local customers and prospects to participate in an egg hunt. You can hide plastic eggs (with coupons hidden inside) throughout your brick-and-mortar store. You can even tell the Easter egg hunt participants that a few of the eggs include certificates that can help them get some of your hottest-selling products for free.

To get started, use social media, send out a press release, post about it on your blog, use a pop-up on your website, put up flyers and signs around your store, and email your customers to create a buzz. Your prospects and customers get a wonderful opportunity to attend a fun event, score some deals, and you will be able to make more sales. A win-win for everyone!

#2. Online Easter Egg Hunt

If you don't have a local storefront, you can still host an online Easter egg hunt. You can hide virtual eggs on your website. You can design pop-ups using images of Easter eggs, pastel colours, or even use animated GIF backgrounds. You can target your offers so they display after a website visitor has stayed on a page for a certain time, scrolled a certain percentage, or clicked on a specific link or element.

The online Easter "eggs" can include prizes for free shipping, discounts, or products/services in exchange for the visitor's email address. You can even perform a live broadcast of how the entire process will work. Remember, you're limited only by your imagination.

#3. “Out With The Old” Sale

With Easter comes spring and spring cleaning. How about leveraging the occasion to do a little spring cleaning in your brick-and-mortar store?

Spread the word among your existing and potential customers that you'll be cleaning out your warehouse or stockroom to make space for new products. Tell them that they can expect some good products at fire-sale prices. Choose a day for the sale and give it a good fancy name. Then, create a buzz for the event through social media, press releases, email marketing, and pop-up offers.

#4. Say “Thanks!” With Chocolate

Don't forget to appreciate your customers by sending them something when they make a purchase. If you have a physical storefront, you can gift small truffles at checkout. If most of your business is done online, you can ask your packaging team to include a thank you card and candy or something else, based on the order value.

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