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Why Is Microsoft Dynamics CRM software Invaluable For The Sports Industry?

A die-hard and active sports fan is probably the ideal client for the sports industry, frequently communicating and promoting their favourite team and brands. However, using that passion and identifying new and innovative ways to communicate, manage, and embrace in such a way that can satisfy both the fan and the team is often easier said than done.

This is one of the biggest reasons why a majority of sports teams rely on CRM software like Microsoft Dynamics CRM software to create, build, manage, and enrich fan relationships and streamline ticket sales.

Let us explore some of the most common reasons why sports teams use Dynamics CRM.

Creating and maintaining a detailed fan profile

According to Microsoft, a majority of soccer teams deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to create and maintain profiles of all their supporters based on retail and ticket purchase history, website signups, match attendance, demographic information, and more. In short, teams collate extensive data and information on team fans.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM enables teams to ascertain what each customer is buying and when, how are they engaging with the team and on which all touchpoints, which types of games and opponents interest the most to them, which emails are getting more open, and so on. This information helps teams understand the psychology of their fans and then create and enrich strategies that can help both parties.

Sending customised promotion materials or messages

Many sports teams make use of detailed fan information to ascertain and segment audiences for engagement through email, awareness, and promotional campaigns. Teams offer all the important and relevant information that fans are looking for (for instance, injury updates, names and statistics of players making their debut, and the count of yellow or red cards against players, and so on) before and after a game. These insights help sports teams engage better and proactively with their fans.

Getting support from sponsors

Like the fans, sponsors today watch matches from the ground and not the background. Gone are the days when sponsors had rare interactions and connections with fans. Today, they want to be more involved and want to stay updated with fans of the teams and their details such as demographics, preferences, preferred team players, behaviour, and how they complement their brand's image and future prospects.

Increasing Ticket Sales

The data and insights collated in Dynamics CRM data can be utilised by sports teams to promote awareness about upcoming events and promote ticket sales. With invaluable insights and a 360-degree view of the fans, sports teams are now in a better position than ever to discover which packages are most preferred by the fans (season plans, single-game ticket offers, etc.).

CRM data can also be analysed and interpreted to understand the ability of fans to pay for season tickets.

Keeping fans engaged

The new normal stimulated by the COVID-19 pandemic has shrinked the sports industry brimming with distractions, even for loyal sports fans. Today, it has become a challenging task for sports teams to offer more value to their fans and keep them interested in the stadium experience.

Find out how certified Dynamics 365 CRM experts at C.I.G Consultants can help your sport team connect and engage with fans like never before. Call or email us now.


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