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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A CRM Solution

As a growing business, you knowingly or unknowingly are relying too much on emails and spreadsheets to store all your critical customer data. However, it is not easy as well as feasible to remember every client interaction. A desk covered with sticky note reminders is surely not going to help you anytime. Dependence on the methods of the past would take you twice or thrice the time, if not more to locate a simple message. Or, worse, deadlines and follow-ups in the meanwhile may end up slipping through the cracks. This is where a CRM comes into the picture as it lets you take complete control when it comes to managing customer information while staying organised.

Customer Relationship Management software, or CRM, centralises all the data in the context of existing and potential customers so that your teams don't have to ever waste countless hours to identify, locate, nurture, and close leads and deals.

Today, CRM solutions can be accessed by organisations of every size and budget to build better relationships, understand customers, boost sales through lead scoring, and develop best practices. If this is not all, CRM generally pays back $8.71 for every dollar spent - that is a staggering 774 percent return on investment.

  1. Organises and simplifies growth

When your organisation enters the rapid growth phase, valuable leads may start falling through the cracks. There is no denying the fact that improving the productivity and efficiency levels are critical for every organisation to hit revenue goals, but growing your business consistently in a manageable and organised fashion is how things should be handled in the first place and in a sustainable way.

A CRM system helps your sales, marketing, and customer service avoid countless hours while searching through thousands of emails to find an important contact or message or trying to get connected with co-workers to access the accurate and latest information about the current status of specific leads.

  • A CRM can remind you of appointments with leads or avoid double-booking appointments.

  • It can also remind sales reps to follow up with specific leads at a specific time or point in the buyer journey.

  • A CRM system lets you create and maintain a positive and consistent communication line and style between sales reps with all customers and leads.

  1. Saves time by creating workflows

The best CRM systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, support your sales, marketing, and customer service efforts along with all internal processes that are related to customers - also referred to as workflows. In other words, CRM systems support your evolving and complex workflows through automation, execution, and organisation of specific tasks. CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365 keep your team on task and in complete sync by eliminating mundane tasks and facilitating more effective use of resources and time.

  1. Helps you understand your customers

The best way for an organisation to serve its customers and bring a smile to their faces is to understand their needs, preferences, expectations, and pain points. However, picking their brain or calling each customer is undoubtedly a monumental task.

With a CRM, you can gather every single piece of information about your customers automatically and at a granular level. This information can be leveraged to gain invaluable insights to make more customer-centric, purposeful, and intelligent business decisions. All in all, you can assess customer behaviours, track trends, and identify opportunities - all with just a few clicks.

  1. Preserves customer data

In today's world, people often change jobs for various reasons, however, have you ever noticed nothing was left behind when someone at the workplace left you? If a CRM was in place, you wouldn't have to deal with issues like sales pipeline not updated, important contacts not registered, or contacts not updated - as everything was stored centrally.

  1. Allows you to register your contacts and leads

Every sales manager would confirm that leads may turn hot from warm or cold in absolutely no time. A CRM allows you to get rid of hundreds of spreadsheets and instead enter data about suppliers, potential partners, influencers, inactive customers, lost customers, warm leads, opportunities, and much more, so the data always stay protected and relevant.

Grow Better With a CRM

CRM systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, help you grow your organisation better and in countless ways. Whether you just want to manage all customer-related information, improve your relationships with customers, identify more opportunities and leads, make internal communication easier, emerge as an industry-leading authority, or convert more leads into customers faster, a CRM can help.

Find out how C.I.G Consultants can help you make the most out of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to empower your business operations by reaching out to us. Contact us today for your FREE CRM consultation session. We will be happy to assist you!


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