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5 Ways To Stand Out This Easter Holiday Season

The Easter holiday season is huge for businesses of all sizes, especially brick-and-mortar stores. Ready to get in on the action?

Let's explore the best Easter holiday marketing ideas for you to engage more with your customers and cut through the social media noise this holiday season.

#1: Run a Holiday-themed Instagram or Facebook Giveaway

Running an Easter-themed Facebook or Instagram giveaway can be a great choice to boost brand awareness, promote your products and services, and get more followers. The best thing is that running an Easter-themed Facebook or Instagram giveaway is extremely easy to set up and participate in.

The key to a successful social media giveaway is proper planning and execution. To get started, you will have to clearly define the goals and purpose of your Easter-themed Facebook or Instagram giveaway before you dive in. For instance, you can tie your holiday-themed Instagram or Facebook Giveaway to large marketing goals if you are just all ready to launch a new holiday product this Easter.

Once you have complete clarity around the goals and purpose of the giveaway, it'll be time to strategise on how to best achieve your business goals with your giveaway theme, rules, and structure.

You can even plan to partner with an Instagram or Facebook influencer or another brand to get more traction. This way, you can reach out to hundreds, thousands, and even millions, all from just one Instagram or Facebook post!

#2: Run an Appreciation Campaign

The Easter holidays are all about showing appreciation for the people around you (including your customers, followers, and employees).

How about a customer appreciation campaign? To get started, you can leverage user-generated content to give a virtual shout-out to your customers. This strategy works even more if your followers, employees, and customers love tagging your brand in their social media stories. You can even encourage them to use a specific hashtag for mentioning your brand on social media channels. You can even create a promo code for your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram followers. And finally, you can always simply say thanks!

#3: Launch a New Product

How about leveraging the opportunity to launch a new holiday-inspired product? Depending on the type of your business, you may require a few weeks or even a few months of lead time for product development, creating your launch assets, launch strategy, working with popular influencers, and so on.

#4: Give Back to Those in Need

The Easter holidays are much more than sales and consumption. They are also a great time to give back to those in need. By projecting your business as a brand that cares for values, you can win more customers than ever. You can join a social or charity cause, which is something that today's customers care more and more about.

#5: Run an Influencer Marketing Campaign

Partnering with Instagram or Facebook influencers can be a wonderful way to introduce your products and/or services to the world. It would also help you raise your brand profile and get your target audience into the buying spirit during the Easter holidays. This is simply because influencer marketing can help you get your brand, products, and services noticed and break through all the clutter.

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