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Cloud Consumption Services And Services To See Uptick In 2022

In 2022, enterprises are expected to make a positive move to cloud consumption models and external service providers in an attempt to deal with resource constraints and skills shortages.

According to an Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) survey, senior IT managers most frequently cited cloud/IT architecture and cybersecurity as areas where their IT organisations face a "problematic shortage of existing skills." Demand is expected to be generated because of the dearth of in-house skills as far as managed cloud and security partners are concerned. This resource crunch can also open opportunities for partners to introduce cloud consumption models within clients' on-premises data centers.

"The most common priorities for significant data center modernization investments over the next 12 to 18 months involve initiatives that are oriented to the cloud," the ESG 2022 Technology Spending Intentions Survey stated.

"They cannot use DevOps, agile and other methodologies in the cloud and then develop on-premises in another manner," Bill Lundell, director of syndicated research at ESG, said. "So, the infrastructure must evolve to be more cloud-like. This is the whole concept of infrastructure-as-code through the entire application lifecycle."

The cost factor will also play an important role in the cloud-oriented data center approach: "It is still cheaper in real dollars, in many cases, to build on-premises than deploy to the cloud."

IT departments can cope with skill shortages by building on-premises infrastructure along cloud lines. "They'll use more services, whether it's assessment services for public cloud infrastructure or outsourcing these functions and responsibilities to MSPs," Lundell said. It is also believed that organisations will also turn to the same pattern for cybersecurity while automating security processes to boost productivity and adopting AI and machine learning to supplement human analysts.

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