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Everything You Wanted To Know About Dynamics CRM For Event Management

In today's tech-savvy world, the possibility to connect with your employees and clients virtually is key to survival and prosperity. For instance, webinars and live events are generally important marketing and sales channel, as well as a training delivery tool for your customers and personnel. However, running and organizing such events can be overwhelming in the absence of the right tool. This is where Dynamics CRM for Event Management steps in so it becomes easier for you to arrange, execute, and follow up on private and public events.

Dynamics 365 Marketing can help you with initial planning and budgeting through attendee registration, webinar broadcasting, promotion and publication, lead generation, final analytics, and evaluation of ROI. Dynamics 365 Marketing has a rich range of features to help you easily create and manage an event. The best thing is that you can even leverage it to handle the check-in process, contact registration, speaker management, and more.

How to create an event?

Dynamics 365 Marketing helps you start by creating an event record and then entering the information on the screen for each step of the event planning. All of your event details are collected and links are thereafter generated to related records. Once the event record gets generated, you can issue event passes, register attendees, and enter speakers and sessions.

You can also leverage the event management dashboard to access a broad overview of all your event activities, such as financial expenditures and registration count. It can also be used to access a wall feed for all the activities associated with the related records of the event such as vendors and sponsors, online payments (if any), and registered vs. waitlisted delegates.

The Event Registrations menu items of Dynamics 365 Marketing provide backend registration capability and help you allow end users to register themselves directly to published events, whether they are publicly available or internal to your organization. You can also leverage Dynamics 365 Marketing to host the event website and customize it as per your specific requirements and preferences. Furthermore, you can personalize information and graphics or integrate with a payment gateway.

Want to know more about Dynamics CRM for Event Management and Dynamics 365 Marketing. Please feel free to connect with us at C.I.G Consultants.


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