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How Does CRM Software Help Hotels Understand Their Customers?

The hospitality industry is highly competitive and every hotel owner must stay modernise and adapt to the times by adopting CRM systems. After all, a powerful CRM like Microsoft Dynamics 365 can make all the difference when it comes to transforming one-time visitors into repeat guests.

In this blog post, we will find out how Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can help your hotel understand and serve your customers better to stand out from the competition.

A hotel CRM software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can help in understanding the requirements, expectations, and preferences of customers by organising and storing information such as customer names, dietary preferences, family details, birthdays, anniversaries, contact information, and more. This helps hotel staff understand and serve customers in a better way without appearing on the edge or too pushy. The best thing is that invaluable CRM insights can be used to offer personalised services and offers. Since happy customers are more likely to write positive recommendations and give feedback, this could translate to long-term growth, to say the least.

  • Provide a centralised database: CRM systems can work as a common database that stores all information about guests to understand and analyse customer expectations and preferences. For instance, Chain Hotels can note down which guests prefer which type of rooms and food, and this information can be used to deliver a consistent experience across hotels.

  • Keep your customers engaged: A hotel CRM software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you map your guest journey and identify the most important touchpoints between your hotel and your customers. This can translate to increased customer value and better customer experiences throughout the customer journey. Furthermore, CRM insights can be leveraged to run targeted campaigns at different contact points to enhance customer experience and win & retain more customers.

  • Help gain customer loyalty: Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be utilised to keep track of the purchase history of clients which makes it easier to offer special promotions or upsell guests. Satisfied customers would be more than happy to make positive word-of-mouth recommendations that can have a big influence on the decisions of potential clients.

  • Track inventory and room occupancy: Microsoft Dynamics 365 can also help you with property management and hotel operations by covering a wide range of activities such as room service, helpdesk, room occupancy, etc. The collected insights can be used to identify the most profitable and dull months of the year for your hotel so that you can send custom offers and discounts to existing and potential clients to stay full and occupied throughout the year.

Discover more reasons on how you can benefit from a hotel CRM software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 to track your customer information, predict sales and revenue for a certain period of time, streamline your workflows, and scale your marketing initiatives.

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