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How Power Apps And Dynamics 365 Brings Data To Frontline Workers?

All of us are certainly living in challenging times right now. We're expected to make changes to the ways in which we live and work to keep ourselves and others safe.

Whether you're a part of the frontline workforce or working from home, today's times present new challenges. For instance, a majority of frontline workers often have to work in areas with no or limited internet connectivity.

Thankfully, the Field Service (Dynamics 365) mobile app can help frontline workers even when there is no internet connection. Critical data is downloaded to the device for viewing (with offline capabilities) in areas with no or limited internet connectivity. The updates made by frontline workers are locally stored on the device and then synced with the server when internet connectivity is restored. These advantages empower frontline workers to explore critical insights, make data-driven decisions, and streamline operational efficiency.

Organisations can infuse Power Apps with Dynamics 365 Guides and HoloLens 2 to provide step-by-step holographic instructions to their frontline workers while also bringing connected, critical data into view. If this is not all, Power Apps can be leveraged to get connected to your business data stored in on-premises data sources. It can then be utilised to build customisable workflows for your unique operational processes.

Embedding Power Apps apps into Dynamics 365 Guides help you:

  • Identify, analyse, and interpret historical data and relevant insights.

  • Create and trigger automated workflows on the basis of captured asset data for the purpose of simplifying and streamlining business processes.

  • Report issues within the workflow in an efficient and disruptive way directly.

  • Develop issue reports that are incorporated into the existing workflow within Dynamics 365 Guides.

Furthermore, a website link can be added using Dynamics 365 Guides PC authoring to facilitate using Dynamics 365 Guides PC authoring such as interactive quizzes or reference manuals. A direct link can also be provided through Power Apps in your guides to facilitate a seamless workflow for operators so information is displayed seamlessly in the line of sight.

The list of advantages doesn't end here. You can even integrate Power Apps with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist so that your operators can quickly connect to apps when performing tasks on the go. They can explore Remote Assist Helper to manage apps, tasks, and documentation with a remote expert.

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