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How To Enhance Microsoft Contact Center Security With Biometric Authentication?

When today's tech-savvy and informed customers need support, they not only expect it fast but they also want their personal information to stay protected at all times. However, many contact centers still use the old-age authentication methods that aren't fit any longer. That's why the biometric security on the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform is so important as it facilitates effortless customer authentication and intelligent fraud prevention.

One of the biggest reasons why contact centers should embrace the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform is that the old-age authentication methods are problematic in countless ways. Firstly, fraudsters can buy, steal, or phish for customer information that allows them to easily pass through knowledge-based authentication (KBA) aspects such as the PINs, security questions, and passwords. Secondly, lengthy authentication processes add friction to the buyer journey, especially when customers move between multiple channels. Every customer-driven organization must remember that no customer wants to sit through an interrogation to prove their identity. These are just some of the reasons why biometric security becomes an integral aspect of customer privacy and security.

Using biometric authentication, organizations can go past the challenges of knowledge-based authentication and enable frictionless, fast, and accurate authentication for genuine customers while mitigating malicious attempts of fraudsters and hackers. This is the primary reason why Microsoft joined with Nuance to integrate Nuance Gatekeeper biometric security with products on the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform.

On the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform, the combination of Gatekeeper and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service strengthens the overall identification and verification (ID&V) process while helping agents offer seamless services across multiple channels. If this is not all, multimodal biometrics bolsters verification to validate customer identities accurately and quickly while customer relationship management (CRM) data provides the customer ID. Furthermore, biometric authentication allows organizations to personalize customer engagements and journeys from the very beginning.

Find out how your organization can integrate Nuance Gatekeeper biometric security with products on the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform to achieve exceptional self-service voice support, build conversational AI apps, and create personalized digital experiences to delight your customers. Call or email us now.


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