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How Your Business Can Improve On-The-Job Guidance With Mixed Reality?

Traditional upskilling or guidance generally necessitates a trainee, an experienced trainer, part manuals, checklists, and a simulated or real-world task(s) to perform. In such a scenario, the experienced trainer guides the trainee through the task until they have achieved a certain degree of mastery and can perform the task alone. This process is referred to as on-the-job guidance. Though this process has been quite successful to support workforce development, it can be quite overwhelming from a scale and resource perspective.

Thankfully, success-driven organisations across industries are focusing on digital transformation to leverage technological advances to reimagine business processes and sub-processes to make them more efficient, effective, and productive. This is what Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides is all about.

Let us find out how your organisation can leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides to enhance the employee experience.

  • Empower self-guided learning: One of the biggest advantages of utilising mixed reality apps is that the trainer is set free from the trainee. For instance, a digital process guide can be developed by the trainer and this guide can be utilised to train any number of trainees at the same time without any requirement for the trainer to be physically present. This helps workers embark on a process of self-guided learning by empowering them with essential data, task instructions, and model visualisations directly in the flow of work.

  • Embrace mixed reality: Dynamics 365 Guides works primarily by overlaying 3D visualisations and holograms alongside connected reference materials and work instructions in a real-world environment, all without compromising on a range of movement or autonomy. Furthermore, Dynamics 365 Guides can be leveraged to create new guides with no-code/low-code authoring so that organisations can quickly respond to new training requirements.

  • Enable hands-free triggers: Dynamics 365 Guides provides immersive instructions to frontline workers while also allowing action-activated triggers to mimic actions in the real world. For instance, worker hand movements can be tracked by HoloLens 2 and guidance can be automated based on where the hands of a worker are located in the process. This helps in improving the learning process and building muscle memory.

Discover how you can utilise mixed reality, empower self-guided learning, and enable hands-free triggers to transform on-the-job guidance by leveraging Dynamics 365 Guides.


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