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Microsoft Azure Load Testing Is Now Generally Available

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Azure Load Testing, which is a fully managed load-testing service.

It helps in generating high-scale load, and gain-actionable insights while ensuring the resiliency of your applications and services regardless of where they're hosted. It can be used by testers, developers, and engineering teams to optimize application performance, scalability, or capacity.

“As part of our quality shift left initiatives, the Cloud Ecosystem Security teams were able to prevent multiple unique load-related bugs from reaching production by gating production builds using Azure Load Testing as part of our CI/CD pipeline. The service teams have also combined the load from Azure Load Testing with fault injection scenarios from Azure Chaos Studio to replicate, root cause and prevent non happy path scenarios that are hard to catch using regular testing frameworks. Along with service resiliency validation, Azure Load Testing has helped uncover the bounds of the distributed system and saved us costs by eliminating unused resources and frameworks.”—Microsoft Cloud Ecosystem Security engineering team

“The Azure Synapse team uses Azure Load Testing to generate different levels of workloads from high concurrency to large input data sequential execution targeting Synapse SQL Serverless endpoints. With the flexibility of JMeter we can start/stop other services within a cluster that can inject different failures, thus truly testing the resiliency of our service.”—Microsoft Azure Synapse engineering team

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