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Microsoft Emphasizes AI Safety For Business Central

Microsoft has signaled caution in advancing its product roadmap for artificial intelligence in enterprise business software, including its Dynamics 365 ERP products.

“AI is really going to be a transformational part of how people use [Business Central] going forward,” said Microsoft VP for SMB Business Applications Mike Morton. It was added that data privacy would remain a priority for Copilot applications. For instance, Microsoft will be safeguarding organizational data in the ERP from being used to train the broader large language models (LLMs) used by Azure OpenAI Service.

“Your data is your data. We are going to take the data and help fine-tune models for your company. What we're not going to do is use it to train the foundational models and be shared across other companies,” Morton said. “And so it will not be the case that when you're typing and you're [using applications], your data can be leaked out, or the way that you communicate can [become] part of some model.” “We're not going to be sending our data to some third party to do these models. Our ability to control that end-to-end ecosystem is going to let us build incredible capabilities and have the privacy and responsible AI to make sure that data stays protected and make sure that the user always remains in control,” he said.

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