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Microsoft Integrates Dynamics 365 And Teams

Microsoft has announced across its wide range of Microsoft 365 portfolio that spans Microsoft Viva, Teams, Dynamics 365, and more. Going forward, Dynamics 365 and Teams will be more closely integrated. Microsoft also announced partner features with Viva alongside security enhancements and app monetization changes.

Dynamics 365 users can now send an invitation to anyone in an organisation to collaborate on customer records within the flow of a channel or Team chat. They can also now create a Teams meeting when adding an appointment or add a Teams meeting to appointments and capture notes. Furthermore, users can now easily capture notes during a Teams call that would get saved in the timeline of a Dynamics 365 record so that those without the appropriate permissions cannot access the data.

The new notification options in Teams are designed with a predefined purpose to keep the stakeholders alerted to updates. Now, users can choose specific channels and chats through which notifications are to be sent. They can also set the frequency of notifications and decide whether adaptive cards accompany the notifications.

It was also announced by Microsoft that new applications are coming to Microsoft Teams in partnership with independent software vendors (ISVs) like Salesforce, Workday, ServiceNow, and Atlassian. It was further added that ISVs can now sell their apps directly within Teams and offer private pricing, taking advantage of the newly reduced marketplace fees of Microsoft.

It was also announced by Microsoft that Microsoft 365 Lighthouse is entering public preview. It will offer partners with standard security configuration templates and a central location and seamlessly manage and secure users, devices against threats, anomalous sign-ins, device compliance alerts, and customer data.

Microsoft also announced the scope of protection to include fraudulent activities by integrating Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection with Azure AD B2C.

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