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Microsoft Introduces Automate Tab In Excel For Mac & Windows

Microsoft has announced that it will be rolling out the Automate tab to Excel for Windows and macOS. This will help desktop users easily create and edit Office scripts for automating their repetitive spreadsheet tasks or workflows.

Till now, the Automate tab was only available for customers in Excel on the web. Now, users can leverage the Excel desktop app to record their actions as a reusable script and play it to boost efficiency.

“Enhance your workbook by connecting popular applications like Microsoft Teams or SharePoint to build workflows with Power Automate. Combine these productivity technologies to have Power Automate schedule your Office Script. This tab represents the first stage of uniting automation solutions across platforms. We’re eager to hear your feedback!,” Microsoft explained.

To get started, users will have to open a workbook and navigate to the Automate tab for creating a new Office script in Excel for Windows or macOS. Thereafter, they need to click on the New Script button to create a new script and select the Edit option available on the details page of the script to modify an existing Office script.

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