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Microsoft Launches Startups Founders Hub Program In Nepal

In collaboration with the ICT Awards, Microsoft has announced the launch of the Startups Founders Hub program in Nepal.

Microsoft's cross-border project is expected to help startup founders bring their ideas into reality. “From the Founders Hub, Microsoft will give the startups Azure credit worth $150,000, Microsoft 365, GitHub Enterprise, Visual Enterprise and LinkedIn credit among other facilities,” reads the joint statement issued on Saturday. ‘The program, which has already been launched in more than 200 countries around the world, aims to promote startups.”

Md Yousup Faruqu, Microsoft’s country manager for Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal, requested startups to participate in the program and said, “Founders Hub will help Nepali startups to reach the global level.”

“The ideas joining the Founders Hub will get mentorship and advice from experts,” said Subash Manandhar, sales executive of Microsoft's Partners.

Private and for-profit businesses with software-based products and services are eligible to join the program, according to the statement. “However, educational institutions, government entities, personal blogs, devshop, consultancies, agencies, bitcoin or crypto mining companies are not eligible for participation.”

The grand finale of the ICT Awards is going to be held on December 23 in Kathmandu.

“Awards will be given in 13 different categories, including the South Asia Startup ICT Award,” said Razan Lamsal, program coordinator of the awards. “The collaboration with Microsoft will help in the development of Nepal’s startup ecosystem.”

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