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Microsoft Re-Assures Dynamics 365 Business Central Partners

Microsoft has started testing innovative methods to qualify and route certain types of Dynamics 365 Business Central sales leads from its own web properties to partners.

In a post on LinkedIn, Microsoft Business Applications SMB VP Mike Morton wrote that the new approach aims to "optimize the customer experience of those coming to Microsoft assets… and best route them to partners."

Morton's message was to his LinkedIn followers in response to a tweet and a more detailed LinkedIn post the previous day by Microsoft MVP James Crowter. Crowter, who is also CEO of partner firm Technology Management Limited in the UK, noticed the new and exclusive position that another Microsoft partner, Bam Boom Cloud, had been given on Microsoft's web properties for visitors who were requesting a Business Central trial.

Crowter concluded in his post that "any answer to those questions that indicate you don’t need the extended license (i.e. manufacturing or service) and are below 11 users, will take you to a page that recommends Bam Boom’s service packages exclusively."

Microsoft had alerted some UK partners about their plans to route prospects meeting criteria like the ones above to partners that could offer "a fully digitally guided experience which would not just give the prospect the ability to transact (purchase licenses and service packages) online but also self-serve to go live within 14 days," Crowter reported.

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