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Microsoft & Roku Join Hands To Enhance The Ad-Buying Experience

Microsoft Advertising and Roku Advertising have decided to collaborate to enhance the ad buying experience and optimize ad performance.

This partnership provides unique cross-channel data insights for better targeting and connecting with customers while revolutionizing digital advertising and boosting ad campaign success. It does this by bridging the gap between Roku TV streaming ads, Microsoft Audience Ads, and paid & organic search on Bing. In the past, both Microsoft Advertising and Roku Advertising used to measure ad performance separately.

Now, users can analyze insights from Microsoft and Roku ad ecosystems as customers stream TV, browse, shop, and search can provide actionable behavioral insights to help them build successful ad campaigns. This will help users target and connect with their customers effectively while leveraging a reimagined way of connecting your brand or product with their customers, backed by data-driven insights.

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