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Microsoft Simplifies Integration Of Quantum & Classical Computing

Microsoft has announced the “Integrated Hybrid” feature in Azure Quantum.

“With this Integrated Hybrid feature, you can start to use — within your quantum applications — classical code right alongside quantum code,” Krysta Svore, Microsoft’s VP of Advanced Quantum Development, told me. “It’s mixing that classical and quantum code together that unlocks new types, new styles of quantum algorithms, prototypes, subroutines, if you will, where you can control what you do to qubits based on classical information. This is a first in the industry.”

“Arguably, the only place you will be able to have scaled-up quantum machines, scaled-up quantum computing will be in a public cloud because it’s that critical to have that level of scale of classical computing integrated with the quantum machine,” Svore explained.

The innovative feature will help developers and researchers with the tools to look at what this combination between quantum and classical looks like in practice.

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