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Microsoft Teams To Partner With Taskize For Operational Services

Taskize, a post-trade issue resolution network for Financial Services, is to integrate with Microsoft (MS) Teams to help its users seamlessly manage operational concerns across counterparties and within the organization.

This integration will mean that the users of Taskize can now easily collaborate with their internal colleagues who use MS Teams, without leaving their platform of choice.

The global web-based network of Taskize includes brokers, hedge funds, global investment banks, asset managers, central securities depository, custodians, and central counterparties.

Taskize said the integration will enable firms to improve audit trials, resolve issues and enhance internal communication. Phil Slavin, CEO of Taskize, says: “Now, more than ever with the T+1 deadline set in stone, financial institutions are looking for ways to improve their settlement efficiency. Yet, the current collaboration between colleagues is not fit for purpose.

“With this integration, we’re bridging the gap between back- and front-office staff to allow them to remain on their platform of choice, all while resolving post-trade issues more efficiently.”

Kishan Bharwad, head of product at Taskize, commented: “This is a significant integration and is a testament to the appeal of Taskize in harmonizing core processing systems and messaging services. This growth will continue as more firms realize the operational gains of inter-company workflow.”

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