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Microsoft To Fight For Activision Deal

Microsoft Corp. is all set to fight a legal battle for its $6 billion acquisition of gaming company Activision Blizzard Inc. if the United States Federal Trade Commission decides to file a lawsuit to block the deal.

The staff of FTC is wrapping up its investigation and a recommendation is expected to be made soon. After this, the FTC commissioners would vote to decide whether or not to file a case. However, it is believed that the FTC will not proceed with a case against Microsoft. According to former FTC chairman William Kovacic, the chances of the deal being approved is at "70 percent" given Microsoft's coziness with US politics and prior good business track record.

"It does become hard to say, 'This is not good enough,'" said Kovacic, discussing Microsoft's recent signal it was open to concessions. "It becomes more difficult for the Commission to push this aside. "The way out is to say, 'We got a great deal and only got it because we've been badasses'."

The deal is expected to be finalized before the middle of 2023.

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