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Microsoft To Integrate ChatGPT Into Teams

Microsoft will soon be integrating the technology behind OpenAI’s hugely successful chatbot ChatGPT into Microsoft Teams as part of a new premium offering.

This can be used to simplify meetings, including but not limited to recommending tasks based on call conversations and automating notes. According to Microsoft, the premium plan will cost $7 a month in June and then rise to $10 a month in July.

This is the first product announcement from Microsoft incorporating the chatbot technology since it took a further $10bn stake in OpenAI. The API will be offered through its Azure cloud service.

“Built on the familiar, all-in-one collaborative experience of Microsoft Teams, Teams Premium brings the latest technologies, including Large Language Models powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5, to make meetings more intelligent, personalized, and protected—whether it’s one-on-one, large meetings, virtual appointments, or webinars,” said Nicole Herskowitz, VP of Microsoft Teams in a statement.

“Soon, these personalized meeting highlights will expand to include speaker timeline markers that show you who spoke during the meeting, when they spoke, and allow you to jump to that moment. Speaker timeline markers are intelligently organized by who you work most closely with, so you’ll never miss feedback shared from your manager in a meeting again.”

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