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Microsoft To Introduce eCommerce Capabilities To AppSource

Microsoft has announced the addition of an out-of-the-box capability for Dynamics and Power Platform ISVs: e-commerce transactions in AppSource, Microsoft’s app marketplace for business applications.

Microsoft representatives explained at Inspire 2022 that “Transactability” for partner IP in AppSource will come first to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps and Power BI Visuals. The feature is now in public preview and new customers will be able to use it to purchase licenses for IP directly through AppSource.

“Partners have been listing on AppSource for years, but now we’re excited to introduce e-commerce through our popular commercial marketplace,” wrote ISV partner marketing director Erina Gehring.

Customers can now make self-service purchases via Web Direct transactions and private Offers will allow partners to negotiate deals with customers. Power BI visuals in AppSource can be purchased via a checkout experience that involves selecting a plan, confirming pricing and billing details, and using a supported payment method. This process will facilitate automatic renewals and purchasing licenses on behalf of other users and assigning them to the Microsoft 365 admin center.

“You no longer need to work with multiple 3rd party providers to complete transactions or manage licenses. Everything is done within Microsoft platforms!” Salameh wrote.

Other ISV Connect improvements include more Dynamics 365 license options, including discount SKUs for sandboxes and free licenses for trial experiences.

Microsoft also announced that another program ISV Success has entered private preview. The program is geared toward ISV application development across Microsoft’s entire cloud ecosystem and the primary plan is to align ISV Success benefits and tiers with ISV Connect, but with expanded options.

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