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New And Revised Connectors Coming To Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management

Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management was revealed by Microsoft in 2021 followed by a preview in April. The product team is about to unveil a series of pre-built connectors for the service aimed at retailers.

Built on the Power Platform, Intelligent Order Management is a standalone service in the Dynamics 365 lineup. It is designed to intake orders from different sources and create orchestration flows for fulfillment and delivery.

In a recent announcement, more details on pre-built connectors for different retail-focused services, from supply chain to eCommerce and sales and use tax to logistics were revealed by Microsoft Senior Product Marketing Manager, Supply Chain Management Vignesh Balasubramanian.

  • A connector from supply chain software provider Körber will be used to bring in the order information, optimise orchestration, and facilitate strategic sourcing and slotting to mitigate wasted movement and expedite fulfilment.

  • Connectors allowing orders to flow into Intelligent Order Management from Magento from Adobe and BigCommerce will be offered.

  • Vertex, Inc., an indirect tax software and solutions provider, has a pre-built connector for Intelligent Order Management for incorporating automatic posting of sales and use tax and VAT.

  • Flexe, a logistics firm, will provide a connector for retailers with access to the largest scalable network of warehouse and fulfillment service providers.

Recommendations are made by intelligent Order Management for fulfilment of incoming orders. It includes a policy designer that the supply chain team can use and an "integrated real-time inventory visibility service" built on Microsoft Dataverse.

"Our next steps are to roll out additional capabilities for Intelligent Order Management in the coming months, including more pre-built connectors," wrote Balasubramanian.

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