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New Microsoft Teams Upgrade A Must For Every Video Call Professional

Microsoft Teams is all set to fix one of the most annoying, commonly experienced problems on video calls. In a new entry to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, it was revealed by Microsoft that a new keyboard shortcut is all set to arrive for Teams users so they can quickly mute and unmute themselves during meetings.

The shortcut, which is listed as "Ctrl Spacebar", will help Teams users on calls to mute or unmute themselves quickly. This will help in cutting down the amount of time it usually takes for a Teams user to be heard on a call and make it easier for users to also cut off their audio stream to remove the likelihood of unwanted background noises. The new feature is expected to be launched in October 2021.

In the past, Microsoft Teams had a shortcut to mute and unmute (Ctrl, Shift, M) but a three-button shortcut is usually complicated for most users. A majority of users used to experience bad video calls and meetings as someone in the call/meeting were unaware that their microphone was not muted. This resulted in many calls getting disturbed because of background noise and wastage of team initiatives as some or the entire team was trying to get connected with the individual(s) to mute their microphones.

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